Ross Kemp in the Middle East [2010]

One of the best, most insightful and balanced pieces of television I have seen explaining Israel’s unique situation… [The series] was superb: not just grippingly produced, but actually balanced. Sky has given the BBC a lesson in how to produce documentaries.” The Spectator

Kemp is in the hands of a TV production dream team…. The scenes are thrilling. They encapsulate the brilliance of the Ross Kemp phenomenon. Sky1 and his producers have understood that TV is a medium best suited to entertainment rather than worthiness. Kemp is the everyman of current affairs. He claims no special knowledge and arrives without an agenda, and then embarks on a journey that he may not actually survive. The viewer, meanwhile, picks up plenty of knowledge without even noticing.” Sam Kiley, Radio Times

Directed by Olly Lambert

Tiger Aspect / Sky