The Family [2010]

“Both simple and brilliant… eternally compelling… No novelist or poet could have put it better, nor could they come up with anything quite so richly entertaining as this simple look inside a modern British family.” Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“Shows family love that’s hard to replicate even in the best fiction” The Guardian, Pick of the Week

“A biopsy slice of the immigrant experience… It was funny and it was life, as it’s lived by a lot of us.” Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent

Inspired by Paul Watson’s ground breaking documentary series in 1974, The Family is an intimate portrayal of the Adesina family in east London. For two months, they allowed 28 cameras and 40 microphones to be installed in their house while a Channel 4 team lived next door to film the twists and turns of family life. The resulting series was a moving portrayal of two very different generations living under the same roof.

Directed by Olly Lambert

Dragonfly / Channel 4