I’m Pregnant With Their Baby [2011]

Documentary telling the story of three young women who have each decided to give a childless couple the ultimate gift – a baby of their own.

Twenty-two-year-old Louise has her hands full with her own son, but she is determined to become pregnant for a couple who have wanted a baby for 13 years. Twenty-three-year-old Lyndsay has been so moved by a stranger’s struggle with cancer that she has decided to carry a baby for her. And aged just twenty, Shannon is too young to be a surrogate in the UK; but in two weeks she will be 21, and she is already on the hunt for her ideal couple.

Louise, Lyndsay and Shannon are among a small number of very young women who are signing up to be surrogate mums for couples they have only just met. But, as they discover, the reality of giving someone a baby is not exactly as they imagined it might be.

Directed by Gillian Pachter