Lust for Life [2012]

‘Lust for Life’ featured as part of BBC Four’s Storyville Survivors season in 2012. It is based on the true life story of director Heather Leach’s battle with thyroid disease and cancer.

“The film was shot over 3 and a half years and all the way through it’s been a very intimate production… The music was created by Mat Davidson who like everyone involved in the documentary, had some kind of connection to, and knowledge of, what I was going through. The documentary begins with a heightened scene of birds flying overhead, but rather than being an ominous sign of what’s to come the birds are depicted more as the recurring theme of freedom. This imagery does fade slightly as the story progresses and the focus turns away from me and on to my family. Making this film was not only a vehicle to get through the ordeal, but also helped me arrive at the conclusion that I needed more laughter in life, even more so than I had before.”

Directed by Heather Leach

Ginger Army / BBC4 Storyville