Mum And Dad Are Splitting Up [2013]

This shattering film is as simple as the title suggests: it merely points a camera at some teenagers and asks them about the breakdown of their parents’ relationship. But what it reveals is the tremendous pain and desperation they felt and in many cases continue to feel.” Sunday Times

“Olly Lambert is one of the most accomplished filmmakers working in television today. He makes films about subjects that matter; he films them with the eye of a cinematographer and he has the rare gift of getting people to open up in front of the camera with an honestly that is intensely moving. If he didn’t make films, he would probably be a brilliant counsellor.” The Times

“The tremendous documentarian Olly Lambert entered the war zone of failed marriage… This exquisitely painful film should be available at every branch of Relate.” Andrew Billen, The Times

“An exemplary piece of documentary making – compassionate, truthful, and sensitive enough to know that when the tears start rolling that’s the camera’s cue to stop.” The Arts Desk

“Terribly sad and deeply affecting. What could have been horribly exploitative becomes revealing and deeply involving, thanks to Lambert’s canny combination of fearlessness and empathy.” Time Out

Directed by Olly Lambert

Rare Day / BBC2