Syria: Across the Lines [2013]

WINNER – BAFTA for Best Current Affairs programme
WINNER – Grierson Award for Best Current Affairs Documentary
WINNER – AIB Award for Best Middle East Documentary
WINNER – Rory Peck Award for Best Feature
WINNER – RTS Craft award for Best Documentary Editing (for Christopher Swayne)
FINALIST – Broadcast Award for Best News and Current Affairs Programme
FINALIST – Documentary of the Year, Foreign Press Association

“A brave, astonishing attempt to show the real Syria…. [The film] compelled you to face the brutal truth of the civil war.” The Daily Telegraph

“Mesmerising… simply the most powerful film to have come out of the war in Syria. There are not that many programmes on television that demand to be seen, but this is one of them.” David Chater, The Times

“Lambert makes [the civil war] viscerally comprehensive, while presenting the purest interpretation of ‘fair and balanced’ most of us are ever likely to see: He doesn’t just get both sides of the story, but could have easily died in the process of getting them.” Newsday

“An extraordinary achievement. I urge anybody who wonders what this war has now become, to sit down, turn off the mobile and watch.” Alex Thomson, Chief Correspondent C4 news

“A particularly brave bit of film-making, deftly capturing the absurdity and the pathos of the ongoing struggle in Syria, whilst never side-stepping the horrors either.” Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“A brilliant piece of reporting… a piercing portrait of a nation being torn apart.” Radio Times

“Lambert’s bloody, brave, and bloody brave film took no side, nor did it attempt to explain the religious and ideological division that prompted war”. Andrew Billen, The Times

“Gripping, must see war footage” Sen John McCain

[Also transmitted as “Syria Behind The Lines” on PBS Frontline, April 9th 2013]

Directed by Olly Lambert

Quicksilver Media / Channel 4 – Dispatches / PBS – Frontline