The Man Who Buys Anything [2013]

If you’ve ever wondered where market traders and pound shops get their products from, here’s your answer: Former second-hand car salesman Steve Elwis and his company, Virrgo. From family-run businesses that have finally gone under, to famous stores in administration and manufacturers who’ve made too much, Steve and his team are out on the road doing deals. This film explores the hidden world of people desperately trying to claw back money from bankrupt stock. Steve has to be sure that whatever he buys, he can sell. Giving a new perspective on Britain during the economic downturn, watch this real-life Del Boy walk the thin line between profit and loss.

“Programmes like this don’t just need stories, they need big characters. And Steve’s fills an hour of television like his boxes fill his warehouse, to the rafters. He’s brilliant and appalling… Anyone who missed it should catch up, it was dead good.” – The Guardian

“Following this would-be Del Boy as he scours recession-hit Britain in his white BMW offers a knockabout vision of the sharp end of the economy. Steve’s whole life is a high-speed, low-rent Apprentice task, which makes for a great watch.” – Radio Times

Directed by Sam Emmery

Firecracker Films