The Romanians are Coming [2015]


***Winner Grierson Best Documentary Series

***Winner Broadcast Award for Best Documentary Series

***Winner Royal Television Society Award for Best Documentary Series


“Not just watchable and balanced, The Romanians Are Coming is moving, and human, the personal side of a political story. Such an important story too, in the upcoming election, and in this part of the world today. You can’t ask for a lot more of a documentary.” – Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“You’ve seen a few documentaries about immigration before but you’ve never seen one quite like Channel 4’s new three-parter. That’s because The Romanians Are Coming is completely from the point of view of the immigrants themselves, and its unapologetic approach to this well-rehearsed debate is rather refreshing.” – Ellen E Jones, The Independent

“Narrated with a jaunty cynicism by another Romanian immigrant (an inspired touch this), this was not a pretty film. It showed, however, the free market working. This gritty, humane film made The Apprentice look like a kids’ party game.” – Andrew Billen, The Times


Series directed by James Bluemel; Keo Films