Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad [2017]





“Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad was an uncompromising, soul-baring examination of grief and in particular its effect on men.”
Gabriel Tate, The Telegraph

“The former Manchester United captain’s stark honesty in this hour-long documentary is refreshing, and devastating.”
Finlay Greig, The i

“Watching it will be helpful to others going through the same thing. To everyone else, it’s simply a very moving, very human film.”
Sam Wollaston, the Guardian

“Any show that helps bereaved viewers deal better with their own losses is to be commended. For Rio, this was a valuable exercise, too, because it had a purpose.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“An extraordinarily brave and moving documentary.”
Andrew Billen, The Times


Directed by Matt Smith

Only The Best Productions / BBC


Three Wives, One Husband [2017]






“Apart from the fact that it wouldn’t have happened any other way, the documentary’s trust-gaining softly softly approach doesn’t make it any less extraordinary. It’s pretty much one long OMG WTF.”
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“Keen-eyed drama bosses could do well to watch Three Wives, One Husband, which is unfurling into the most complicated soap opera of all time.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express


Violin performed by Becca Wright

Keo Films / Channel 4

maxresdefault maxresdefault2 Unarmed-Black-Male-Screenshot

Unarmed Black Male [2016]





“exemplary film-making… If ever argument were needed about the incompatibility between guns and civilisation, it was provided by this harrowing, necessary piece of television.” – Jim White, The Telegraph

“It might make you angry, watching. But James Jones’s absorbing documentary remains objective, open-minded and journalistic, allowing the events and the people to speak for themselves. And it is all the more powerful for that.” – Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

***** BAFTA Nominated (Current Affairs)


Directed by James Jones


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The Big C and Me [2016]





“The Big C & Me looked past cancer clichés to report from the front-line… the light editorial touch suggested the best virtues of radio with the added dimension of looking into the eyes of the scared, stoical talkers. It would have been disingenuous not to include a worst-case outcome, which landed in the solar plexus, before the programme concluded on a hopeful upswing. Valuable, responsible television.” – Jasper Rees, The Telegraph

“one of the most ambitious documentaries ever commissioned” – Jenny Johnston, Daily Mail


Keo Films / BBC

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