Excluded at Seven [2017]




“You’re never too young to be in trouble. With the number of pupils permanently excluded from primary schools in the UK steadily rising (topping 1,000 for the first time last year) there’s a corresponding need for specialist “short stay” schools to take them in and try to turn their lives around. Schools like the Rosebery in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, where six pupils in the youngest class are the focus of this superb Cutting Edge documentary from filmmaker Colette Camden.” – Gerard O’Donovan, The Telegraph


Locomotive / Channel 4

everyones_welcome_content_card p054fb78

Cosby: Fall of an American Icon [2017]


“This thorough film explores the story’s context that stretches back to the civil rights movement. Cosby was such a brilliant force for social good, he and his sitcom broke down racial barriers and appealed to everyone. This wasn’t just about the great wealth machine of Hollywood keeping people silent. It was about no one wanting to believe anything was wrong.” – Sam Wollaston, The Guardian


“An exemplary report” – Gerard O’Donovan, The Telegraph




Directed by Ricardo Pollack; Sugar Films / BBC2


Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad [2017]





“Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad was an uncompromising, soul-baring examination of grief and in particular its effect on men.”
Gabriel Tate, The Telegraph

“The former Manchester United captain’s stark honesty in this hour-long documentary is refreshing, and devastating.”
Finlay Greig, The i

“Watching it will be helpful to others going through the same thing. To everyone else, it’s simply a very moving, very human film.”
Sam Wollaston, the Guardian

“Any show that helps bereaved viewers deal better with their own losses is to be commended. For Rio, this was a valuable exercise, too, because it had a purpose.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“An extraordinarily brave and moving documentary.”
Andrew Billen, The Times


Directed by Matt Smith

Only The Best Productions / BBC


Three Wives, One Husband [2017]






“Apart from the fact that it wouldn’t have happened any other way, the documentary’s trust-gaining softly softly approach doesn’t make it any less extraordinary. It’s pretty much one long OMG WTF.”
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“Keen-eyed drama bosses could do well to watch Three Wives, One Husband, which is unfurling into the most complicated soap opera of all time.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express


Violin performed by Becca Wright

Keo Films / Channel 4

maxresdefault maxresdefault2 Unarmed-Black-Male-Screenshot

Unarmed Black Male [2016]





“exemplary film-making… If ever argument were needed about the incompatibility between guns and civilisation, it was provided by this harrowing, necessary piece of television.” – Jim White, The Telegraph

“It might make you angry, watching. But James Jones’s absorbing documentary remains objective, open-minded and journalistic, allowing the events and the people to speak for themselves. And it is all the more powerful for that.” – Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

***** BAFTA Nominated (Current Affairs)


Directed by James Jones


A006_C005_1126AL p03wv023

The Big C and Me [2016]





“The Big C & Me looked past cancer clichés to report from the front-line… the light editorial touch suggested the best virtues of radio with the added dimension of looking into the eyes of the scared, stoical talkers. It would have been disingenuous not to include a worst-case outcome, which landed in the solar plexus, before the programme concluded on a hopeful upswing. Valuable, responsible television.” – Jasper Rees, The Telegraph

“one of the most ambitious documentaries ever commissioned” – Jenny Johnston, Daily Mail


Keo Films / BBC

Lagos to London 133ccb p03pzt7f

Abused: The Untold Story [2016]


Landmark documentary telling the story of those who stood up and broke their silence about sexual abuse, changing Britain forever.

“The victims who bore witness to the crimes of Savile and others still struggle with their words, the trauma just as raw and present all these years later. But this was the real point of this powerful, sometimes excruciating programme: to give the victims a voice.” – Tim Dowling, The Guardian

“Given the drip-feed of revelations about Savile, I was surprised at just how shocking Lambert’s film was.” – James Jackson, The Times

“This was a documentary that boiled with fear and pain.” – Gerard O’Donovan, The Telegraph

“Exceptional” – David Chater, The Times


Minnow Films / BBC1

From Century Films

Tuesday 15th March 2016 on ITV 

Pictured: Helping to keep Welsh roads safe Sgt Shane Davies 

© Century Films 

For further information please contact Peter Gray
0207 157 3046 peter.gray@itv.com  

This photograph is © Century Films and can only be reproduced for editorial purposes directly in connection with the  programme SPEEDING WARS or ITV. Once made available by the ITV Picture Desk, this photograph can be reproduced once only up until the Transmission date and no reproduction fee will be charged. Any subsequent usage may incur a fee. This photograph must not be syndicated to any other publication or website, or permanently archived, without the express written permission of ITV Picture Desk. Full Terms and conditions are available on the website www.itvpictures.com

Speeding Wars [2016]


This documentary series joins the battle on Britain’s roads as our ‘need for speed’ is challenged head-on by an army of those trying to slow us down. With access to the police, anti-speed campaigners, speed addicts and specialist lawyers, this new series witnesses the ongoing war playing out every day on our streets.


Century / ITV

12038192_1056719337695393_3205998910532743444_n mysonthejihadi

My Son the Jihadi [2015]



***Winner  BAFTA Best Single Documentary 2016

***Winner Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Best Single Documentary 2016

***Nominated Royal Television Society Award for Best Documentary 2016


“by some distance the most powerful documentary I have seen this year” – Benji Wilson, The Telegraph

“a stunningly sad, detailed and dignified portrait of a devastated mother, and a masterful piece of television” – Charlotte Runcie, The Telegraph

“This unforgettable documentary was technically near-perfect television.” – Andrew Billen, The Times

“an extraordinary documentary that leaves you feeling numb. A desperately sad story about one family; but also an important one, one of the big stories of now.” – Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“If they hand out prizes for the most gut-wrenching film of the year then this will be the clear winner.” – Sarah Hughes, The Observer


TrueVision / Channel 4

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 16.58.03 spotweb.be Sir-Henry-Cecil 1221061_Lego Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 19.41.24

Plus Sized Wars [2015]



With 60% of British women now technically obese, this Cutting Edge documentary for Channel 4, explores the fast-growing plus-size fashion industry and it’s biggest brands, and meets it’s witty and stylish stars.


“an altogether uplifting and educational programme that managed to address a (literally) big issue without being voyeuristic or patronising.”  – Claudia Connell, Daily Mail


Blast Films

Director: Alice Bowden

Executive Producers: Edmund Coulthard, David Hodgkinson


The Romainians are Coming

The Romanians are Coming [2015]


***Winner Grierson Best Documentary Series

***Winner Broadcast Award for Best Documentary Series

***Winner Royal Television Society Award for Best Documentary Series


“Not just watchable and balanced, The Romanians Are Coming is moving, and human, the personal side of a political story. Such an important story too, in the upcoming election, and in this part of the world today. You can’t ask for a lot more of a documentary.” – Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“You’ve seen a few documentaries about immigration before but you’ve never seen one quite like Channel 4’s new three-parter. That’s because The Romanians Are Coming is completely from the point of view of the immigrants themselves, and its unapologetic approach to this well-rehearsed debate is rather refreshing.” – Ellen E Jones, The Independent

“Narrated with a jaunty cynicism by another Romanian immigrant (an inspired touch this), this was not a pretty film. It showed, however, the free market working. This gritty, humane film made The Apprentice look like a kids’ party game.” – Andrew Billen, The Times


Series directed by James Bluemel; Keo Films


The Auction House [2015]



The Auction House follows the stories behind some of the curious and fascinating objects that are bought and sold at iconic Chelsea saleroom Lots Road. It looks at the objects from the perspective of both the buyers and the sellers, including items from some of London’s super-rich.


Series Producer – Anoushka Roberts; Dragonfly TV

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 14.58.06 8139320-large 6987535-large Educating_the_East_End_delivers_the_same_winning_formula

Educating the East End [2014]


“Nothing short of brilliant television.”  – Ryan Love, The Independent

“Your heart, as so often in this Bafta-winning series, went out to everyone.” – Phil Hogan, The Observer

“Channel 4 transforms an ordinary secondary school into a eight-episode laugh-a-minute, cry-your-eyes-out docu-drama via the magical means of fixed-rig cameras… Part of the genius of Educating… is that it gives you a dual-perspective on education which was inaccessible during our own schooldays” – Ellen E Jones, The Independent

“It’s all great, like Essex and Yorkshire were before. Funny and moving” – Sam Wollaston, The Guardian


Series Directed by Jo Hughes & Liz Hazell


Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.22.29

Star Paws: The Rise of the Superstar Pets [2014]


“One of the best documentaries of the year, masquerading as one of the worst… Brilliant.” – Matt Rudd, The Times

“The appeal of this entertaining programme was the juxtaposition of animals that couldn’t care less about media stardom with the adults whose careers depended on it.” – Anita Singh, The Telegraph

“Not entirely surprisingly, the owners turned out to be far more odd than any of the sometimes doubtful talents of their pets. It’s a weird world, but a strangely seductive one.” – John Crace, The Guardian


Directed by James Ross

Studio Lambert


Sweets Made Simple [2014]


“Well that was just magical” – Nigel Slater

“The programme, the fourth episode of which drew in 1.5 million viewers last week, has captured the nation’s imagination in its celebration of all things sweet and nostalgic.” – Sarah Rainey, The Telegraph

“This series has proved deliciously moreish because the confectioners are as fun as their inventive, nostalgia-sprinkled sweet treats.” – Claire Webb, Radio Times

Series Producer – Melanie Jappy

Screenchannel Television

mcdonalds-the-tree-600-91474 Beauty_Queen_or_Bust

Beauty Queen or Bust [2014]

The glitz and glamour of Miss World has to start somewhere. Each year regional heats take place in ordinary towns and cities across England. This three-part series follows some of the young entrants hoping to make it through the regional pageants in Blackpool, Hull and Wolverhampton.

“It was easy to expect that Beauty Queen or Bust was going to be one uproarious send-up. I am pleased to report that it wasn’t. It was actually a rather sad, sweet film about hope and courage and people in broken places still managing to brim with promise.” – Matt Baylis, Daily Express

RDF Television West / Channel 4

p01lc218 624

Police Under Pressure [2014]

A three-part examination of the state of policing in Britain as forces around the nation try to cope with the biggest cuts to their budgets in modern times.

“Mat Davidson’s compositions seemed entirely appropriate for problems that were wretched and seemingly intractable.” – Alex Hardy, The Times

“Neither Mat Davidson’s ambient score nor Steven Mackinstosh’s mellifluous narration could calm the viewers nerves. This was a good programme about a bad situation.” – Andrew Collins, The Guardian

“A valuable insight into life on the frontline” – Ellen E Jones, Independent

This excellent documentary makes you think more deeply about the problems facing the police today” – Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

Series Producer: Ricardo Pollack

Producer & Director: Louise Malkinson

Executive Producers: Emma Loach & Peter Dale

Rare Day / BBC 2


Fast & Fearless: Britain’s Banger Racers [2014]

Two-part documentary about the petrol-soaked world of banger racing, a motor sport where scrap domestic cars are stripped out and fortified for a final lease of life on a racetrack.

“The past-it vehicles spinning around an abandoned Essex cement works were really just the backdrop to a fascinating bit of subculture tourism.” – Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“Hugely enjoyable” – The Times

Boundless / BBC 2


Big Ballet [2014]

“To watch people who love to dance get the chance – and to be good at it – after they’ve spent years being too embarrassed or discouraged to do so just because of their size is, I’m here to tell you, quite uplifting. There was nothing to laugh at, except perhaps yourself for allowing tears to spill over your lower lids while watching a TV programme.” – Tim Dowling, The Guardian

“Sweet, heart-warming but with a necessary dose of reality… This was a frank and refreshing glimpse into a rarefied world obsessed with size.” – Patrick Smith, Telegraph

Series directed by Kirsty Cunningham

Rare Day / Channel 4

The Man Who Buys Anything

The Man Who Buys Anything [2013]

If you’ve ever wondered where market traders and pound shops get their products from, here’s your answer: Former second-hand car salesman Steve Elwis and his company, Virrgo. From family-run businesses that have finally gone under, to famous stores in administration and manufacturers who’ve made too much, Steve and his team are out on the road doing deals. This film explores the hidden world of people desperately trying to claw back money from bankrupt stock. Steve has to be sure that whatever he buys, he can sell. Giving a new perspective on Britain during the economic downturn, watch this real-life Del Boy walk the thin line between profit and loss.

“Programmes like this don’t just need stories, they need big characters. And Steve’s fills an hour of television like his boxes fill his warehouse, to the rafters. He’s brilliant and appalling… Anyone who missed it should catch up, it was dead good.” – The Guardian

“Following this would-be Del Boy as he scours recession-hit Britain in his white BMW offers a knockabout vision of the sharp end of the economy. Steve’s whole life is a high-speed, low-rent Apprentice task, which makes for a great watch.” – Radio Times

Directed by Sam Emmery

Firecracker Films


Mum And Dad Are Splitting Up [2013]

This shattering film is as simple as the title suggests: it merely points a camera at some teenagers and asks them about the breakdown of their parents’ relationship. But what it reveals is the tremendous pain and desperation they felt and in many cases continue to feel.” Sunday Times

“Olly Lambert is one of the most accomplished filmmakers working in television today. He makes films about subjects that matter; he films them with the eye of a cinematographer and he has the rare gift of getting people to open up in front of the camera with an honestly that is intensely moving. If he didn’t make films, he would probably be a brilliant counsellor.” The Times

“The tremendous documentarian Olly Lambert entered the war zone of failed marriage… This exquisitely painful film should be available at every branch of Relate.” Andrew Billen, The Times

“An exemplary piece of documentary making – compassionate, truthful, and sensitive enough to know that when the tears start rolling that’s the camera’s cue to stop.” The Arts Desk

“Terribly sad and deeply affecting. What could have been horribly exploitative becomes revealing and deeply involving, thanks to Lambert’s canny combination of fearlessness and empathy.” Time Out

Directed by Olly Lambert

Rare Day / BBC2


Iceland Foods: The Secret Ingredient [2013]

Malcolm Walker, the maverick CEO of Iceland supermarkets, believes that his shoot-from-the-hip leadership holds the key to a happier workforce and profits too.

This series follows the fortunes of Iceland as Malcolm opens the doors to his Willy Wonka style empire and shares the secrets of the food, the boardroom, and the colourful life of the stores.

Christmas is the most competitive time of the supermarket calendar and shop floor staff need to make sure that Iceland does well. At stake is £10,000 cash in a briefcase, hand-delivered by Malcolm. But the new year brings a crisis with the alleged discovery of horse meat in Iceland beefburgers.

Series Producer Alisa Pomeroy
Series Director James Rogan


Skint [2013]

“It could have been awful – gawpy and patronising, or worthy and dull. It’s none of those things. It’s funny, fair, frank. And it still manages to highlight the very real issues of poverty in this country.” – Sam Wallaston, The Guardian

“This was TV as a window into lives that most people in this country have no way of comprehending, and the makers had captured them in the raw. It wasn’t fun, but it was compelling and insightful.” – Chris Harvey, The Telegraph

Skint gets behind the headlines as people who are often maligned for their lifestyle offer their own story and show the real impact of worklessness.

Told with energy, humour and boldness, the series offers an insight into their lives, highlighting social issues such as youth unemployment, crime, welfare dependency, truancy and addiction; but with the characters also revealing their ingenuity, resilience, community support and love and pride of family.

At its height Scunthorpe’s steelworks employed 27,000 people. It now employs a sixth of that number. With work in the town still hard to find, the people featured in this series are thrown back on their own resources.

Skint tells the provocative and revealing stories of people who are in long-term unemployment, have never worked, or are growing up without any expectation of working.

Series Producer – James Bluemel

Keo Films / Channel 4

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 17.59.56

Syria: Across the Lines [2013]

WINNER – BAFTA for Best Current Affairs programme
WINNER – Grierson Award for Best Current Affairs Documentary
WINNER – AIB Award for Best Middle East Documentary
WINNER – Rory Peck Award for Best Feature
WINNER – RTS Craft award for Best Documentary Editing (for Christopher Swayne)
FINALIST – Broadcast Award for Best News and Current Affairs Programme
FINALIST – Documentary of the Year, Foreign Press Association

“A brave, astonishing attempt to show the real Syria…. [The film] compelled you to face the brutal truth of the civil war.” The Daily Telegraph

“Mesmerising… simply the most powerful film to have come out of the war in Syria. There are not that many programmes on television that demand to be seen, but this is one of them.” David Chater, The Times

“Lambert makes [the civil war] viscerally comprehensive, while presenting the purest interpretation of ‘fair and balanced’ most of us are ever likely to see: He doesn’t just get both sides of the story, but could have easily died in the process of getting them.” Newsday

“An extraordinary achievement. I urge anybody who wonders what this war has now become, to sit down, turn off the mobile and watch.” Alex Thomson, Chief Correspondent C4 news

“A particularly brave bit of film-making, deftly capturing the absurdity and the pathos of the ongoing struggle in Syria, whilst never side-stepping the horrors either.” Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“A brilliant piece of reporting… a piercing portrait of a nation being torn apart.” Radio Times

“Lambert’s bloody, brave, and bloody brave film took no side, nor did it attempt to explain the religious and ideological division that prompted war”. Andrew Billen, The Times

“Gripping, must see war footage” Sen John McCain

[Also transmitted as “Syria Behind The Lines” on PBS Frontline, April 9th 2013]

Directed by Olly Lambert

Quicksilver Media / Channel 4 – Dispatches / PBS – Frontline


Parking Mad [2013]

This film follows the stories of Council Parking Enforcement Departments who issue tickets and the motorists who have decided to revolt against the system and fight back against their local councils.

“Full of British eccentrics, Parking Mad was highly entertaining and at points it had me laughing out loud.” – Sameer Rahim, The Telegraph

Directed by James Ross

Century Films / BBC1


Mr Understood [2013]

“Television rarely catches the inner life this well, nor attempts characters so complex.” – The Guardian

Written & Directed by Kate Hardie, co-created by Grayson Perry.

Mr Understood tells the story of a young man attending his first transvestite weekend away, plagued by the personification of his self doubt.

Sky Arts – Playhouse Presents


Football, Madness and Me [2013]

“Brilliant” – The Observer

“The disarmingly brutal honesty shown by the subjects of this documentary makes for engaging viewing” – The Guardian

Hayley, Jamal and Adam all suffer from severe mental illness. But now they are joining an extraordinary football league run by occupational therapists where every player suffers from a mental illness, from schizophrenia to depression and OCD. Filming over a year, both on the pitch and in their lives, this is the story of their struggle. Can football really help them recover?

Directed by Kate Taunton

Blast Films / BBC3

Tom-Crutchfield frank-cullotta-590x442

Banged Up Abroad: Vegas Mobster [2013]

*also broadcast as Locked Up Abroad

It’s 1979 and Chicago mobster Frank Cullotta heads to Las Vegas for more opportunity. His Hole in the Wall gang becomes notorious for their high-stakes robberies. Eventually, his thievery comes to an end when the FBI catches up with him. They want him to testify against his mob.

Directed by Peter Norrey

RAW Television / Channel 5 / National Geographic / Discovery



My Child the Rioter [2012]

“This was the best TV journalism on the riots so far….. My Child the Rioter made you think so hard about a well-covered subject that you changed your mind several times even while watching.” Andrew Billen, The Times.

” Riveting… Here is a fascinating view of crime, punishment, morality and parenting in today’s Britain – complex areas simply illuminated”. Martin James, Sunday Times

“Devastatingly straightforward” The Guardian

“An outstanding documentary…. Instead of taking the usual shrill, censorious line, Olly Lambert’s film was carefully understated and more puzzled than anything else.” John Porter, Sunday Telegraph

“Excellent” Deborah Orr, The Guardian.

“Brilliant… As always the truth is rather less black and white than the Prime Minister imagined.” The Times

“Excellent…. You’d have to be absolutely blameless yourself as a parent to confidently announce that it was adult delinquency alone that had produced this result. I couldn’t manage the necessary self-righteousness.” Tom Sutcliffe, Independent on Sunday

Directed by Olly Lambert

BBC2 – Wonderland


Gordon Behind Bars [2012]

Gordon Ramsay is going to prison to attempt the impossible: make offenders pay their way. Most prisoners sit around all day, while the public forks out for them to do so. And it costs taxpayers a fortune to keep criminals in prison – £38,000 a year, £2 billion a year. In a time of recession and budget cuts, this money has to be found at the expense of schools and hospitals.

In this explosive new series Gordon’s going to be locked up in the infamous Brixton Prison. He’s going to try and set up a catering company within the prison. He will grab some of the nation’s toughest prisoners, teach them to cook on the inside to sell on the outside. Gordon’s had first-hand experience of how prison shaped his brother, now he’s going to experience life inside prison. There’s a host of forces arranged against Gordon: prison bureaucracy; the unreliable criminal workforce and sceptical retailers. And above all – can Gordon persuade the great British public to eat food made by prisoners?

The series lifts the lid on the unknown world of prisons and prisoners, while revealing an ambitious solution to one of the biggest social problems facing us today– how to make criminals pay something back.

An One Potato Two Potato production for Channel 4

40351bf7-9bee-404c-9261-0c780313ba37_625x352 Young, Bright and on the Right

Young, Bright And On The Right [2012]

“tragic, funny, warm, and fair too” – Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

The story of two boys with a dream to scale the heights of Oxbridge university politics, the fabled nursery slopes for Westminster.

Both Chris Monk, 19 and Joe Cooke, 21, are passionate about politics and have been Conservatives from a tender age. Now they face an academic term that could make or break their future political careers. Despite the three-piece suits and plummy vowels, both are state-school educated and see themselves as outsiders in the Oxbridge social and political scene.

When Joe tries to effect change and bring about reform in the society, he comes head-to-head with 88 years of tradition. Will he eventually turn his back on a life in politics? And will Chris have the knowhow to impress the members of the political elite he aspires to?

Directed by Alisa Pomeroy

Princess / BBC2 – Wonderland